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Finishing Touches

Updated 10-30-00

Door windowDoor window  This window was purchased from Peninsula Glass Company in Vancouver, WA [$132.00] and I was impressed with the quality.  It's size is 18"W x 21"H and is a screened horizontal slider with a 3" corner radius.  I traced out the corners on the door using a 3lb coffee can.  Peninsula suggested using closed cell foam from your local hardware store to seal the window frame to the trailer. It's secured to the door by the internal clamp ring.  Wall thickness must be known before ordering a window of this type.  We'll replace the standard screen with a camping tent screen to protect us from No-see-um bugs.  These tiny knats can ruin your day with just a few bites.

Kitchen cabinet doorsKitchen cabinet doors  Left over 1/2" oak plywood laminated with Filon on both sides was the chosen material.  1" oak angle molding was trimmed to the 5/8" thickness of the door on one edge with a table saw and siliconed and nailed, holes patched with Minwax oak colored wood putty.  Spring hinges & oak pull knobs are from Home Depot.  Since our Tear will be bouncing down rough dirt roads, we had to come up with a way to secure the doors.  We used twist lock, wing handle type RV door locks which require 1/4 turn to lock or unlock [part #1802A26 $5.20 each, McMaster-Carr].

Interior cabinet doorInterior molding  We trimmed off all the interior seams using oak molding.  Minwax Polyshades was used to stain and seal everything, including the floor.  This satin urethane finish is easy to work with and we eventually applied 6 coats.  We wanted access to the kitchen cabinet from the interior so one large rectangular door was made from oak wainscot bead board planks, which is the same material as our headboard.  The 5/16" thick wainscot planks is glued to 1/4" lauan plywood and trimmed off with 1" oak angle molding.  We hinged it from the bottom and put nylon coated stainless cable lanyards to hold the door in the horizontal position which created a nice table top.  The interior or table top of this door is laminated with Filon.  We installed a shelf under the cabinet which will be used to store our shoes and other camping gear.  Brass coat hooks was installed on both side walls.

Power SupplyPower supply  A 6 conductor cable is used as the main cord for lights and accessory power.  It has 4 conductors in 16ga, 1 in 12ga and 1 in 10ga.  The tow vehicles alternator will charge or supply power to the Teardrop.  A 10 gauge wire with a 30 amp fuse is all that is required for the charging-power supply circuit.  We installed a 6" x 6" fiberglass electrical junction box with terminal boards and fuse blocks for all current and future 12vdc items.  We'll add a 12v ceramic heater/fan to the interior later.  The only 12v accessories we have are 2 interior lights, 1 hatch-kitchen light, water pump and future heater.  Our 12v battery box will sit on the ground, under the tongue and we installed a female 6 way plug in the cover so the Tear's light plug can plug into it.  A 30 amp fuse is attached to the positive terminal.  We didn't want to store the battery inside the Teardrop because the rough ride would destroy a wet acid filled battery.  Later we'll install a gel Interstate deep cycle battery.

Water supplyWater supply  The 10 gallon polyethylene water tank is cradled by 3/4" x 1 1/2" oak strips and nylon battery hold down strap.  A 12vdc Shurflo water pump is used for on-demand supply or we have the option of using the combination hand pump or city water faucet too.  Our pump puts out 2.8 gpm at 45 psi.  Nylon barb fittings was used along with braided 3/8" pvc tubing which is FDA approved.  Nylon hose T's and valves were installed so the tank and lines could be drained.  The 3/4" sink drain line was ran through the floor to a hose bib where we'll attach a drain line.  A Culligan RV water filter [part #RV-500 $24.95, Hemet Trailer Supply] will attach to our water hose while filling the tank.

Stove topStove top  We felt there was no need to cart around a large propane tank.  In all of our years of camping, we used the disposable bottles and they supplied more than enough propane for all our needs.  Care must be taken when purchasing the right hose for propane.  During evaporation of propane, it reaches minus 273 degrees and can make a hose become brittle.  Contact your local propane dealer for safety advise.  We installed a regulator between the stove's regulator and disposable bottle adaptor.

Storage compartment doorsStorage compartment doors  Since our Teardrop will be bouncing down dirt roads, storing loose items would be dangerous.  All of our camping and kitchen items will be stored inside Rubber Maid type storage containers.  We'll stack these containers under the counter top and secure them with nylon straps.  The doors are made out of the same as the top cabinet doors and mounted to a 3/4" x 1 1/2" oak frame.  The oak frame that the cabinet door hinges are mounted to are fastened to the side walls using 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum angle and also screwed directly into the sides using 2 1/4" screws.  We didn't want to put in shelves because it would limit our storage size and it left the option open on what we can store in there.  We'll keep the ice chest inside the tow vehicle while driving because block ice acts like a battering ram and will crush everything inside.  I've had lots of bad experiences with that happening.  The left door is secured using stainless spring loaded pin catches [part #1305A83 $19.29 pair, McMaster-Carr].  The right door is secured by using a stainless bar latch with a thumb screw lock [part #1915A34 $21.06, McMaster-Carr].  I don't thing these doors will fly open!

Removable tableRemovable table  The 2' x 3' removable table is made out of left over 1/2" Lauan plywood, laminated with Filon on both sides and trimmed of with vinyl 'U' shaped edge molding [part #24175K32 $1.16 per foot, McMaster-Carr].  The polished stainless steel removable table brackets [part #8032A37 $17.00 pair, McMaster-Carr] came in handy.  The wall and table plates are attached using #10 x 1/2" ss flat head screws.  We attacked a folding table leg [$13.95, Hemet Trailer Supply].  While Diane is serving me meals, I'll be seated on the door side of the table and I'll be able to use the flat top fender as a arm rest!!!!

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