Goober Comes Home!

Breeders Joe and Kristi Moore of JK's Rat Terrier's thought Goober was ready to take home early at 7 weeks of age and knew we had everything ready for him.   Within the second day at our house, Goober already perfected the 'sit' command and retrieved balls each and every time!  Smart puppy!

Here is Goober at a whopping 5 pounds, at 7 weeks old.
We fell in love with his black eye liner & black lipstick!
Goober enjoyed playing tug-a-war with my mustache (8 1/2 weeks).
Goober at 10 1/2 weeks old.  I used up all my digital camera's memory to get this one shot, he wouldn't sit still.
Goober at 12 1/2 weeks enjoying some R&R with the alpha female of the household.
He's getting too big to hold up! (16 weeks old)

We built a 12'x50' dog run to cage the wild beast!  Any dead leaf, stick or bug that wonders into Goober's compound is toast!  (13 pounds at 18 weeks)

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