These web pages wouldn't be possible without the help from Grasshopper owners Jerry and Norma Baer of Gardenerville, Nevada.  Jerry and Norma helped me get in contact with Jerry Utterback here in Hemet.  The Baer's also sent me their photo collection of 2 Grasshoppers they own.  Their first, the one with baby blue trim along with their matching roadster were totaled in an accident.  Fortunately nobody was hurt but now there is one less rare Grasshopper in the world.  Along with the Baer's photos, Jerry threw in some of his personal drawings showing the measurements of the Grasshopper.

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Here is a collection of Grasshopper photos I aquired with the help of fellow Teardropper's Gage Enoch (Palmdale, CA) and Nick Taylor (San Diego, CA).  The last 2 pictures are of a full size Grasshopper taken in 2004 by an owner in Forest Falls, CA.  If I was to do it all over again, I would have built a Grasshopper design instead of a Benroy Teardrop, for the off-road of course.  The Grasshopper has some unique angles along with tight radius's but the over all trailer is very practical with the limited space, not mentioning the easy hatch to build.  If you know of anybody who has pictures of Grasshoppers, please e-mail them to me and I'll post them.

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